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No more 'Fuelternative.com'
Dear visitor,

In 2005, I started 'Fuelternative.com' with the intention to create a global platform for discussion and information regarding the production, distribution and use of alternative fuels in the automotive industry.

My objective was to contribute to the large-scale introduction of alternatives for products based on fossile-oil in the daily practice, instead of the limited interest in these alternative only within a small group of 'eco-hobbyists'.

Over the years, this objective is partly achieved thanks to the many submissions and responses from loyal visitors. During these years, the interest in alternative fuels has indeed increased significantly. In the meanwhile, many other parties appeared that could fill-in the role of 'Fuelternative.com - in many cases even better - starting with the 'Alliance for Climate Protection' of Al Gore, with his eye-opening documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" in 2006.

Overall, the added value of 'Fuelternative.com' has become less-and-less. This, combined with the lack of time from my side to properly update the site regularly, made me decide to stop with Fuelternative.com.

I want to thank everyone for their contributions and interest, maybe 'Fuelternative.com' pops-up later in a different format.

Remko Visser.

Ps. reactions can of-course still be mailed to me at www.remkovisser@gmail.com.